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Mr Ying Qin BSc MSc DMU GradDip (Cardiac Ultrasound) ASAR

Cardiac and General Sonographer


Mr Ying QIN graduated in Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences in China in 1986, and obtained his Master degree in Medical imaging in 1989. He worked as a Consultant Radiologist in Guangdong Provincial Hospital from 1989-1994 before moving to Australia.

As an ASAR qualified sonographer from 2004, Ying worked for many major imaging organizations in Australia. He is now director of Medcentre Ultrasound, as he focuses on building his own brand of sonography services for the local Sydney community.


With more than 20 years experience in medical imaging diagnosis. He is a one of the very few sonographers who is qualified and skilled in both cardiac and general sonography. His expertise includes cardiac, vascular and abdominal ultrasound.  

Languages spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin



For appointment, contact us:

0403 331 488 (Cardiology) 

0403 331 975 (Other specialties)

Fax: (02) 8068 9190

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